Petal confetti cannons - Rose petals are synonymous with romances and luxury, what better way to celebrate your most important moment than with cascading rose petals? We now fill our high quality 30cm confetti cannons with premium rose petals.

Our 30cm cannons are the perfect size for loading  petals in to, they are very well suited to marquees, churches and photo moments. 

Choice of Rose Petal Colours

Multicoloured rose petals for confetti cannon
Rainbow Petals
Blue rose petals for confetti cannons
Blue petals
Pink rose petals for confetti cannon
Pink Petals
Cream rose petals for confetti cannon
Cream Petals

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30cm Rose Petal Confetti Cannon
Only £17.99 each plus p&p



Our 30cm petal confetti cannons have a pint (568ml) of real rose petals loaded into them. Our 30cm cannons are perfect to fire petals from as our bigger confetti cannons are too powerful. When using a 30cm cannon most of the petals remain intact, although some break up. The petals fire approximately 5 metres into the air.

30cm confetti cannon with pink rose petals
30cm handheld confetti cannon

We source the finest rose petals, they are freeze dried and totally natural. No colours, chemicals or solutions have been added to them. They are non-staining and 100% biodegradable.

If you would like more information on using petals in confetti cannon have a look at our blog, "confetti vs petals"'


All orders are now sent using a next day courier which cost £9.99 (including packing). However it can take up to 3 working days to dispatch an order. Please call us if you need your cannons urgently, we can often dispatch cannons on day of ordering.