Confetti Cannon Hire

When you hire a confetti cannon from Confetti Master, you employ an agile, experienced, and professional company who are dedicated to making our cannons look fantastic. We can deploy cannons quickly and safely with the minimal fuss.

Confetti cannon in action at Shepherd's Bush Empire.

What have you got in mind?

Don't hesitate to call us; 01963 350960, to see how we can help.

CO2 Confetti Blaster at the side of the stage on site.

We Just Do It!

Once on site, we have the
knowledge and experience to set up quickly, in the best place to make the most
of the space ensuring effective confetti display. "

Confetti Blaster used over a crowd standing in a six formation.

Ask us

Mercedes F1: Can you cover 500 people, standing in a giant

6 shape in confetti? Oh, and you will only have 15 minutes
to set up! Yes, no