Collection: Handheld Confetti Cannons

Powerful, trusted, confetti cannons. Our handheld cannons are designed for professional applications and are now accessible to all. Fuelled by a compact nitrogen cylinder, they really pack a punch. They are easy to use, one shot only, and they can be filled with any type or colour combination of confetti.

Reasons to use our Confetti Cannons...

  • Biodegradable Confetti enables a sustainable celebration with our eco-friendly confetti options.
  • Endless Customisation: Create a truly unique display with our vast array of confetti colours and sizes to match your theme perfectly.
  • Easy to use: Safe twist firing mechanism.
  • Trusted Quality: All our confetti cannons are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring safe and reliable operation at every event.
  • Expert Support: Our friendly confetti connoisseurs are here to help you choose the perfect cannons and confetti for your needs.