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Our High Quality Confetti Cannons

Powerful, easy to use cannons

Our confetti cannons are perfect when you have one chance to create a special moment. They are available in 3 sizes and are easy to operate. Our cannons add a great fun effect to any event or occasion and will not leave you disappointed. Our cannons are made for professional use and are now available to everybody, they are powered by a small cylinder of nitrogen and are therefore very powerful. They are one shot only, but they can be filled with any type or colour combination of confetti.

Demo of the 3 sizes available, 30cm, 50cm & 80cm

If you buy your confetti cannons from Confetti Master, you’re in good company, our high-quality cannons are used by the BBC, ITV, Mercedes F1 (see our Instagram), Disney etc. They don’t just buy from us once they repeatedly buy from us. Also, we sell our cannons to hundreds of customers who are just as demanding for spectacular, reliable, fun confetti cannons.

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♻ All our tissue confetti is biodegradable!*

Popular Pre-filled Confetti Cannons

Multicolour confetti cannons are a classic all rounder.
from £6.29
Delivery £4.99

White confetti cannons are our most versatile confetti colour.
from £6.29

Delivery  £4.99

Red, White & Blue confetti cannons are the patriotic choice for national events.
from £6.29

Delivery  £4.99

Gold confetti cannons. Gold confetti is perfect for Great Gatsby type events.
from £6.79

Delivery  £4.99

Get the confetti colour you want! We fill the cannons exactly how you want them, whether it’s just plain white confetti (or even just black confetti), red white & blue confetti or purple, orange, & green confetti. We fill the cannons with the colour of confetti you like.
Custom colour, our unique cannon filling service lets you pick the colour(s) that fill your cannon, making it easy to match corporate theme or team colours.

Gender reveal cannons. Our gender reveal cannons are perfect for this important moment. They are designed to deliver maximum impact and ensure that your message is heard loud and clear. With our cannons, you can make a statement that will leave a lasting impression on your Friends & family.

Instructional confetti cannon video

More Cannon Options

Silver & White confetti cannons another great all rounder that will complement any theme.

Rainbow confetti cannons. Our rainbow cannons include black & brown, perfect for pride.

Blue confetti cannons. Blue confetti can create a stunning visual effect against a blue sky or green backdrop.

Pink confetti cannons. Pink confetti cannons are a great way to create lasting memories and add a touch of whimsy.

We also have Snow Cannons & Petal Cannons

Three sizes of confetti cannon with 10 confetti colour options.
Handheld Confetti Cannon

Trusted! - Our Handheld Cannons used on TV - See the evidence below

Our Cannons on X- Factor

Confetti cannons for BBC TV

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Biodegradable Confetti*

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No Regrets; Cheaper confetti cannons ARE NOT the same as ours! We believe that our confetti cannons are the best available. You don’t have to just take our word for that, we sell to the BBC, ITV, advertising agencies, and have loads of repeat customers.

Our Handheld confetti cannons come in 3 sizes

The difference between the sizes is payload (the amount of confetti) and the distance the confetti travels from the cannon.
The 80cm cannon has a payload of about 1/8 of a kilo of confetti and fires the confetti about 12 metres.
The 50cm cannon has about 1/3 less confetti than the 80cm and fires the confetti about 8 metres.
The 30cm cannon has about 1/3 less confetti than the 50cm and fires the confetti about 5 metres.

Small confetti cannon in hand to demonstrate size
30cm Cannon - 5 metre reach
Medium confetti cannon in hand to demonstrate size
50cm Cannon - 8 metre reach
Large confetti cannon in hand to demonstrate size
80cm Cannon - 12 metre reach

Biodegradable Confetti

All tissue confetti in our cannons is flame retardant and biodegradable (*gold and silver confetti is not biodegradable as it is made from a very thin UPVC) according to NEN-EN-ISO 6941. An official test report is available on request.


We work hard to make sure orders are dispatched quickly, from Monday to Thursday we try to dispatch all orders within one working day using a 2 to 4 day courier.  All orders placed Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be dispatched on the following Monday.


All consignments are sent using a service which provides tracking. The tracking details should be sent by the courier company using the email provided in the original order.

If you need something in a hurry then please contact us.  ALL delivery times are an estimate!

On occasion postage cost may vary from above, but will be clearly displayed before payment.

Important- The confetti cannons contain a pressurised cylinder and have the UN number 3164 (Articles, Pressurized, Pneumatic), therefore we use a specialist courier service to deliver them. This means we only deliver to mainland UK, they are unsuitable for air freight and should not be taken on an aeroplane.
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We use Paypal because it protects both buyer and seller & you don’t need a Paypal account to buy cannons, you can simply use your credit or debit card to pay. In the very unlikely event of a dispute with us Paypal will protect your money and will act as a mediator.

Trusted! - Our Handheld Cannons used on TV - See the evidence below