Professional Slowfall Confetti- from MAGIC FX 

Open bags of confetti showing 12 confetti colours

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Best Confetti

Our professional confetti is perfect for concerts, festivals, and corporate events. It is made of high-quality materials and is available in a variety of colours to suit any occasion. Our confetti can be easily cleaned up and is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

Professional slow fall, stage rectangle confetti, Biodegradable*,Flame retardant, Loads of colours, Quick delivery.* Important - Gold & Silver (Metallic) confetti is not biodegradable and should not be used outdoors.

Product Information

Technical Details

Brand: Magic FX
Model Number: CON01MC
Colours: Colours available: Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Multicolour, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.
Confetti Dimensions: 55 x 17mm
Weight: 1 kilo
Bag Size: 23cm x 25cm x 4cm

Additional Information

Delivery Destinations: UK Only
Delivery Box size: 25cm x 50cm x25cm

Perfect for;

  • CO2 Blasters
  • Theaters
  • Refilable Confetti Cannons
  • Stages
  • Schools
  • Festivals

    Product description
    High quality tissue confetti which is flame retardant and biodegradable suitable for all types of confetti cannons and blasters including C02 blasters, handheld or electric cannons.

    Confetti - Customising an event or special occasion is easy. We have every colour of the rainbow and more to choose from.  Our tissue confetti (or flutter confetti) is biodegradable and comes in loads of colours. Our confetti is designed to spin on it axis when falling down to earth, which means it stays in the air for longer. The size of our confetti is 55mm x 17mm and meets the highest flame retardant standards.  Our confetti/flutter confetti comes in one kilo bags and is suitable for all types of professional confetti cannons, and of course it can also be thrown. There are approximately 50,000 pieces of confetti in a one kilo bag, perfect for throwing at any wedding or event. It’s also perfect for a shop window or display.