CO2 Confetti Blaster

CO2Confetti Blaster Outside John Lewis
Confetti Blaster Outside John Lewis

The duration of the effect is determined by how long a cylinder is vented for. A fully vented small cylinder lasts 45-50 seconds and a large cylinder last for 90-120 seconds. A cylinder can be part vented many times; this allows us to create blasts of confetti. As a rule of thumb a continuous blast of 40 to 50 seconds would use 3 to 4 kilos of confetti.

 Our Co2 confetti cannons are a versatile piece of equipment and can create a number of effects, they can be used to produce a “hit” of confetti which lasts a few seconds or generate a massive cloud of confetti that lasts for several minutes. The cannons use cylinders of liquid Co2 which are available in two sizes.

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