CO2 Confetti Cannons blasting gold confetti over crowd at London venue.

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Confetti Master has many different types of confetti cannon to hire. Each confetti cannon is able to create a different type of confetti effect. The main differences between the effects is duration and scale. For example a Co2 Confetti Blaster can produce a huge sustained confetti cloud for over a minute, or one of our Massive Single Shot Confetti Cannons will fire a large amount of confetti instantly (please see videos).

Confetti; All our paper confetti (not silver & gold) is of course biodegradable and flame retardant. We have loads of colours of confetti available including UV confetti.

DMX Confetti Cannon firing blue confetti.

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Co2 Confetti Blaster - Our most spectacular continuous flow confetti cannon

Co2 Confetti Blaster

Massive single shot confetti cannon - creates a massive cloud of confetti in an instant.

Massive Single Shot

DMX confetti cannon - easy to control using a DMX lighting desk

DMX Confetti Cannon

Mini Blower - very safe confetti cannon, easy to use great for small stages and for snow effects

Mini Confetti Blower

E-shot confetti cannons - instant fire cannon, very professional effect.

E-shot confetti Cannon

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