Confetti Cannons hired from Confetti Master, blasting gold confetti over crowd at London venue.

Confetti Cannon Hire

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Experience the Best in Confetti Cannons

Confetti Master is the go-to  confetti cannon hire company if you want a company with hard earned experience to operate your confetti cannons. We have years of experience working with some of the most prestigious companies and biggest music events.

Easy Hire with Operator

For best results, we generally send at least one operator with our big confetti cannon; this ensures the best results.  Our operators are highly trained and experienced in handling the confetti cannon, ensuring that the confetti is dispersed evenly and safely. Additionally, they can make adjustments on the spot to ensure that the confetti display meets your specific needs and expectations.

Types of Confetti Effects

Confetti Master has many different types of confetti cannon to hire. Each confetti cannon is able to create a different type of confetti effect. The main differences between the effects is duration and scale. For example, a Co2 Confetti Blaster can produce a huge sustained confetti cloud for over a minute, or one of our Massive Single Shot Confetti Cannons will fire a large amount of confetti instantly (please see videos).

Confetti; All our paper confetti (not silver & gold) is of course biodegradable and flame retardant. We have loads of colours of confetti available, including UV confetti.

DMX Confetti Cannon firing blue confetti.

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Types of Confetti Cannon

Co2 Confetti Blaster - Our most spectacular continuous flow confetti cannon

Co2 Confetti Blaster

Massive single shot confetti cannon - creates a massive cloud of confetti in an instant.

Massive Single Shot

DMX confetti cannon - easy to control using a DMX lighting desk

DMX Confetti Cannon

Mini Blower - very safe confetti cannon, easy to use great for small stages and for snow effects

Mini Confetti Blower

E-shot confetti cannons - instant fire cannon, very professional effect.

E-shot confetti Cannon

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