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6 confetti cannons

Choosing the right confetti cannon

Knowing which confetti cannon to use in any given environment is not always easy, choosing the right confetti cannon is the difference between it looking good or looking great.

We now stock a 40cm “value” confetti cannon. The cannon is still filled with professional slow fall confetti in a choice of colours and is gas powered. The main difference between this cannon and our other cannons is that it uses a lot less gas, however it can still fire confetti over 4 metres.

These confetti cannons are best suited when you still want a good amount of confetti but the distance the confetti travels is less important, i.e. a venue with a low ceiling or photo shoot. The value cannons are also fantastic value for money.  

The value confetti cannon is still 100% guaranteed to be reliable and great quality.

At Confetti Master we have many different types of handheld confetti cannons if you need advice please don’t hesitate to give us a call freephone 0800 566 8201, landline 01963 350960 or mobile 07866 718999.

Only Available in Packs of 6

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Pack of six  40cm cannons

Only £19.99 plus p&p


Delivery; costs just £9.99 on any size order. We use a next day courier, however it can take us up to 4 days to dispatch an order. We can dispatch the same day but please check with us.

Metallic confetti is not biodegradable and should not be used outdoors.

There is no VAT on our confetti cannons.

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If you need advice don’t hesitate to give us a call 0800 566 8201. *