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Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

One of the most exciting things in any lifetime is to announce the gender of an imminent baby. There is no better way than using a confetti cannon to announce to a crowd, big or small, the sex of the new arrival. Our confetti cannons are the best available, they contain flameproof biodegradable confetti and have strict German test certificates. Why risk a cheap confetti cannon for one of life's most important moments?

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

PINK or BLUE confetti

Perfect for gender reveal

Single Cannon

30cm only £6.49 each

50cm only £7.99 each

80cm only £10.99 each

Payments by PayPal

Great Confetti Cannons - Great Customer service

Call us: 0800 566 8201 or Will’s mobile 07866 718 999.

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Cannon size guide.

All our handheld confetti cannons produce a cloud of confetti, as a guide please see info below;

30cm Confetti Cannon - 5m

50cm Confetti Cannon - 8m

80cm Confetti Cannon - 12m

Our pink & blue confetti cannons have plain black covers & a removable label, so the colour of confetti is not revealed


We always use a next day courier but dispatch time can take up to 3 days. If you need your cannons fast please let us know, we can often dispatch same day if asked.

Contact us: Office 01963 350960, or Freephone 0800 5668201 or Will’s Mobile 07866 718999


The best way to experience how impressive our handheld confetti cannons are is to use one first-hand. The bedrock of any business is returning customers, we happily have a large amount of returning customers some of which have been coming back for over 10 years.

Below are 3 videos demonstrating our gender reveal confetti cannons.

Video of 30cm Gender reveal confetti cannon with pink confetti

Video of 80cm Gender reveal confetti cannon with blue confetti

Video of 50cm Gender reveal confetti cannon with pink confetti