Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer common questions to help you get the best from our handheld confetti cannons, but if you would like to know anything else, or for enquiries about our hire cannons please get in touch.

Action photo of person letting off 30cm confetti cannon
Silver confetti cannon for Strictly.
  • What is a handheld confetti cannon?

    Our handheld confetti cannons are card tubes filled with confetti with a small cylinder of nitrogen at one end.  When the nitrogen is released from the cylinder it forces the confetti into the air.  

  • Are confetti cannons biodegradable?

    Our confetti cannons can be filled with two types of confetti - tissue or metallic.  All our tissue confetti is biodegradable but the metallic (gold and silver) is made from a type of thin plastic (UPC) and therefore is not biodegradable. Metallic confetti should not be used outside.  

  • How quickly does confetti degrade?

    As soon as the confetti gets wet it looses its integrity and starts to degrade.  How long it take will depend on the weather.  

  • How many confetti cannons do I need?

    Peoples expectation vary hugely. As a guide it is not unusual for people organising a wedding to buy a pack of six.  People producing a stage show typically use them in pairs.  

  • What size handheld confetti cannon do I need?

    This has a subjective answer and can be answered many ways, please see our blog post for some helpful advice 

  • Are confetti cannons easy to operate?

    Yes, they are very easy to operate.  The cannons are fired by twisting the bottom section of the cannon.  Simply remove the safety label and twist.  Always follow the instructions on the cannon.  

  • Do your confetti cannons produce any heat or smoke?

    No, they are powered using inert pressurised gas (nitrogen).  

  • Can I take a confetti cannon on an aeroplane?

    The confetti cannons contain a pressurised cylinder and come under UN number 3164 (Articles, Pressurised, Pneumatic). We would advise you not to take them onto an aeroplane.  

  • Can I use confetti cannons indoors and outside?

    Yes, however you should not use metallic confetti outside.  When using indoors make sure you have sufficient room away from people and objects.  

  • Can I put anything other than confetti into a cannon?

    Yes, we have filled our cannons with snow effect and feathers in the past, but it really depends on what you have in mind.  Please contact us.  You can of course fill the cannon with numerous colours and shapes.  

  • Does a confetti cannon make a loud noise?

    Our confetti cannons do go with a bang; imagine the sound of a door slamming, or a balloon popping.