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Talk to us free; 0800 566 8201

Our Co2 confetti cannons are a versatile piece of equipment and can create a number of effects, they can be used to produce a “hit” of confetti which lasts a few seconds or generate a massive cloud of confetti that lasts for several minutes. The cannons use cylinders of liquid Co2 which are available in two sizes.

The duration of the effect is determined by how long a cylinder is vented for. A fully vented small cylinder lasts 45-50 seconds and a large cylinder last for 90-120 seconds. A cylinder can be part vented many times; this allows us to create blasts of confetti. As a rule of thumb a continuous blast of 40 to 50 seconds would use 3 to 4 kilos of confetti.

A DMX controllable confetti cannon

Confetti Master has many different types of confetti cannon to hire. Each confetti cannon is able to create a different type of confetti effect. The main differences between the effects is duration and scale. For example a Co2 Confetti Blaster can produce a huge sustained confetti cloud for over a minute, or one of our Massive Single Shot Confetti Cannons will fire a large amount of confetti instantly (please see videos).


All our paper confetti (not silver & gold) is of course biodegradable and flame retardant. We have loads of colours of confetti available including UV confetti.

Confetti effect with blue confetti for a photo shoot with cricketer

The cannons use cylinders of liquid co2, which is pressurised to about 600psi, the cannons can be fired instantly which creates two effects one is a which cloud of co2 the other of course is a load of confetti being blasted in the air. It’s a safe alternative to fireworks.

Massive Single Shot Confetti Cannons

Our Massive Single Shot Confetti Cannons create a massive cloud of confetti in an instant. Also known as the Stage Shot Confetti Cannon, it can blast a kilo and a half of confetti 15 to 20 metres into the air in the blink of an eye. That’s about 50000 pieces of confetti! The cannons are filled using a compressor to 8 Bar (that’s 120 psi). They are a great stand alone confetti cannon or are fantastic addition to a Co2 Confetti Blaster.

The cannon can be pressurised many hours before they need to fire, however after they are pressurised extreme care should be taken to ensure crew and public are kept well clear.

The Massive Single Shot Cannon can also fire streamers (please see our streamer cannon page).

Our DMX Confetti Fountains are a very cost effective way of creating a professional confetti effect. They have a two stage electric fan in the hopper that creates two air flows (one fast, one slow). The slow airflow comes from the base of the round hopper which gently pushes confetti towards the thin centre cone. The fast air from the top of the cone then lifts the confetti into the air about 40 feet. The two air speeds stop all the confetti being fired at once.

DMX Confetti Fountains

Our LED Confetti Fountain is a great alternative to our Co2 Cannon. The cannon can fire confetti 40 feet into the air for about 35 seconds. You can load up to a kilo of confetti and they can be controlled using DMX or with the direct control. This means that you can control lots of cannons with one controller

The Confetti Fountains have one channel of DMX which operates the motor and the very bright LED’s. The red green & blue together make a sort of white light which highlights any colour of confetti. We generally send an operator to set up the fountains, but in some cases will dry hire to professionals.

Our Mini Confetti Blower is a continuous flow confetti cannon. It uses a powerful electric motor to blow confetti into the air. The blower has a 3ft hose which acts like a hoover to suck confetti into the blower, the confetti is then propelled 7 to 10 metres into the air. The confetti blower can be powered from a 13 amp domestic power socket.

The Mini Blower is perfect for situations where a Co2 Blaster would be too big.

Note; all though the confetti effect is perfect for a “first dance” at a wedding the blower does make the same noise as a loud hoover.  

Mini Confetti Blower

Three electric shot confetti cannons rigged on flight case

E-Shot, Single Shot Electric Confetti Cannon

Our E-Shot or Electric Confetti Cannons produce the same effect as our Handheld Confetti Cannons, the payload  of each cannon is about 1/8th of a kilo and they fire at the push of a button. An almost unlimited number of the units can be fired at the same time, we normally use about 6! The electric cannons are powered using a small cylinder of nitrogen, when an electric current is delivered to the cannon it burns through a piece of nichrome wire that is holding the nitrogen valve shut.

The Electric Confetti Cannons can also fire streamers (please see our streamer cannon page).

Continuous flow mini confetti blower set up on flight case

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Talk to us FREE 0800 5668201 - 01963 350960 or Will’s mobile 07866718999


Co2 confetti blaster set up with Co2 cylinders


Confetti  Blaster

Large single shot confetti cannon set up in flight case

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