Magic FX single shot confetti cannon

Our Magic FX Single Shot Confetti Cannons create a massive cloud of confetti in an instant. Also known as the Stage Shot Confetti Cannon, it can blast a kilo and a half of confetti 15 to 20 metres into the air in the blink of an eye. That’s about 50000 pieces of confetti! The cannons are filled using a compressor to 8 Bar (that’s 120 psi). They are a great stand alone confetti cannon or are fantastic addition to a Co2 Confetti Blaster.

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Magic FX single shot confetti cannon

The cannon can be pressurised many hours before they need to fire, however after they are pressurised extreme care should be taken to ensure crew and public are kept well clear.

The Massive Single Shot Cannon can also fire streamers (please see our streamer cannon page).