DMX Confetti Cannon

DMX Confetti Cannon - a confetti cannon that can be controlled by DMX
DMX Confetti Cannon

Our DMX Confetti Fountains are a very cost effective way of creating a professional confetti effect. They have a two stage electric fan in the hopper that creates two air flows (one fast, one slow). The slow airflow comes from the base of the round hopper which gently pushes confetti towards the thin centre cone. The fast air from the top of the cone then lifts the confetti into the air about 40 feet. The two air speeds stop all the confetti being fired at once

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Our LED Confetti Fountain is a great alternative to our Co2 Cannon. The cannon can fire confetti 40 feet into the air for about 35 seconds. You can load up to a kilo of confetti and they can be controlled using DMX or with the direct control. This means that you can control lots of cannons with one controller

The Confetti Fountains have one channel of DMX which operates the motor and the very bright LED’s. The red green & blue together make a sort of white light which highlights any colour of confetti. We generally send an operator to set up the fountains, but in some cases will dry hire to professionals.