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Display Snow

 Great Value 245g bag!

Only £4.29 each plus p&p

Only £19.99 each plus p&p

For advice on making a great snow effect please contact us

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Talk to us FREE 0800 5668201 - 01963 350960 or Will’s mobile 07866718999


snow flake snow flake snow flake snow flake snow flake Five types of artificial snow in one pack

Artificial snow for creating great snow displays

Our different types of artificial and display snow make it really easy to create realist snowy, wintery scenes and displays. Whether it’s a light dusting of snow for a window display or a full-on Narnia for a stage production, our snow products can help you. Design your own polar display with our realistic professional artificial display snow.

On this page you can also find realistic falling snow spray and our awesome handheld snow cannons.

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Display Snow

It’s easy to design & create any size enchanted snow world, but if you would like any help and advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Display snow Artificial frost display snow Artificial display fluff snow Artificial snow blanket

One bag of display snow will cover approx 1.2m2. Our display snow is made from shredded polystyrene. This is a fine powered snow effect.

Handfull of display snow Handfull of frost snow Handfull of fluff snow

Snow Blanket


Only £4.29 each plus p&p

Fluff Snow

245g (8 litre)

Only £4.29 each plus p&p

Frost Snow

4 litre (e245g)

Only £4.29 each plus p&p

Frost snow gives the effect of frozen snow, it is noticeably different from standard snow effect, see photo below.

1 bag covers approx 1m2

Fluff Snow is a more cotton wool snow effect, it is great for bulking out a display. Easy clear up.

1 bag will cover 1.5m2

Snow blanket, quick and easy to install. Very effective, works really well as a base layer.

Bumper Snow Pack.

1 x Standard Display Snow, 1 x Frost, 1 x Fluff, 1 x Blanket

1 x can Snow Spray (decorative).

Great value

Falling Snow Spray is a very realistic snow effect. Make it snow anytime of the year!  The spray snow is sent with 2 nozzles for fine or large flakes. This is a premium product and has been used for film and TV, it’s perfect for photo shoots, theatres, schools and even weddings.

Need something bigger? Have a look at our Snow Machines

Decorative Snow Spray 400ml

Only £5.99 each plus p&p

80cm Handheld snow cannon

80cm Handheld Snow


Only £10.99 each

Our tried and tested 80cm Handheld Cannons filled with snow confetti.

Possibly the easiest and quickest way to make it snow. Our Handheld Snow Cannons blast paper snow about 12 metres into the sky in an instant.

80cm Snow Cannon                  

Aerosol can of Falling Snow Spray with two nozzles

The same type of spray they use in the movies. Bright white, long lasting, very realistic spray on snow.

Spray on snow can be used with stencils, on trees or set dressings.

Semi-permanent, it will wash off, but please test before use.

Decorative Snow Spray

Decorative Snow Spray

Falling Snow Spray

Large bag of artificial display snow

Great Value Options

Big bag of Standard Display Snow.

Over 1 kilo of snow

Enough to cover over 4m2

Great value

Only £15.99 each plus p&p

Falling Snow Spray

Only £10.99 each

All our display snow is:

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Display Snow Example