Confetti Cannons & The Environment.

For quite a long time I have wondered how my actions and my business (selling confetti cannons) impact on the environment. As far as I am aware climate change from green house gases and plastic not degrading are the two big problems.

The impact of handheld confetti cannons.

I’ll be honest our cannons contain plastic and I would be lying if I knew what type of plastic. The cannons are made mainly from three different materials, cardboard (easy to recycle) makes up the biggest part of the cannon, a steel (easy to recycle) cylinder and the plastic firing mechanism (you can see photos of these components here), and of course the cannon is full of confetti (I’ll come to that later!)

Are Confetti Cannons Environmentally Friendly?

That’s a good question! As I explained above, over 90% of a Confetti Master Handheld Cannon is recyclable and the tissue paper confetti is degradable (the confetti does contain dyes for colour and a flame-retardant chemical). The cannons are imported into the country using boats and trucks, so do have a co2 foot print, however the cannons are reasonably light and we buy in bulk to reduce journeys and delivery costs .
Almost every thing we do has an impact on the environment but on balance, you can have a reasonably clear conscience when you let off a tissue Confetti Master confetti cannon.

How environmentally friendly is Confetti Master?

We are aware of our responsibilities to the environment, all our packaging that we send to customers is recyclable and we recycle 95% of the packaging that comes to us. We are a small business that has a medium size store in a shared industrial unit (about 5 miles from home) and often work from home, we minimise our journeys to the store and our average annual commuting miles is about 5000 (not very much).

Myself and Confetti Master are aware of the impact we have on the environment, we are not perfect, but we are trying. Our businesses and personal activities do produces co2, and our next step is to start to offset our co2 foot print and become carbon neutral.

Green Confetti
Green Confetti Cannon