👶💙New Pink or Blue Confetti Cannon (20cm)💕🎈

New – 20cm Blue or Pink Confetti Cannon for Gender Reveals

Three 20cm Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons with pink and blue confetti
Pack of three 20cm confetti cannons

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We have just launched our new 20cm Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons which are perfect if you need a compact reliable gender reveal confetti cannon which is suitable for a smaller setting. They are also great to hand out in numbers to guests or family members for a mass reveal.

Like all our confetti cannons, they are filled with biodegradable, flameproof confetti. PURCHASE HERE

A 20cm and 30cm Confetti cannon placed next to each other for comparison.
20cm cannon (left), 30cm Cannon (right)

Top Secret!
One of the fun parts of a gender reveal is keeping it a secret, the cannons have neutral cover so there is no way of telling what colour they contain. However they do have a code which you can check below.

Check your item code here

Item code of a blue 20cm confetti cannon
Blue – Item code X38 760
Item code of a pink 20cm confetti cannon
Pink – Item code X38 761

If you need any advise about our 20cm Gender Reveal cannons, or any of our other products then please do not hesitate to give us a ring, we are always happy to help.