✔👍6 Great Tips to Get the Best from your Handheld Confetti Cannon!6️⃣🎉

We want our customers to get the best out of their confetti cannons, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you make the most of them. 

1. Choose the Correct Confetti Colour.

Open bags of confetti showing 12 confetti colours

When choosing the colour of confetti most people only think about matching their event theme, however it is also worth considering the colour of your backdrop or surroundings.  If possible choose a contrasting colour.

Our silver and white confetti is well suited to a night club or darker environment as it will pick up and reflect the colour of any ambient light, it’s also great with UV lights. Black or dark blue confetti will not show up nearly as well.

However white confetti won’t stand out against a bright sky, strong colours will look a lot more effective.

You can always have a mix of colours (see our Custom Filled Cannons Page) so you don’t have to pick just one!

2. Always Aim High!

The higher the confetti goes, the longer it will take to float down, and the longer the overall effect.  Aim high for the best effect!

3. Use the wind!

Confetti dispersed by the wind

It might sound obvious, but confetti will blow in the direction of the wind! Even a light breeze can influence where the confetti lands.   If you are outside it may be tempting to position your cannons either side of your subject, but if there is a breeze coming from one side, it may be better to stand where the wind will take the confetti in the direction you want it to go.  i.e. stand upwind!

4. Brace Yourself!

Our Handheld Confetti Cannons go with a bit of a bang and have a slight kickback.  It is important not to let the cannons recoil too much, if the cannons recoil more than a few inches it will reduce the height the confetti goes.  This is not dangerous, but to get the best effect hold the cannon firmly and give it a good twist to let it off.

5. Does Size Matter?

Yes!  We have written a separate blog on what size cannon to choose (see here), but basically you don’t want to over spec it.  Confetti needs room to float for the best effect and if you have a cannon that is too big for the space then it will just hit the ceiling and come down quickly.  Not dangerous but won’t look great. 

We would recommend looking at our videos on our Confetti Cannon Shop page to help you decide. 

6. The More the Merrier!

Of course we would say that wouldn’t we, but if you have a large area to fill then don’t skimp on the confetti! 

We are often asked how many confetti cannons customers need and it’s actually very difficult to answer; one looks great but ten looks amazing, it really does depend on your level of expectation.  If you need them for a wedding or party, then guests are always very happy to get involved and help let them off, it all adds to the fun!

If you are looking for any more advice about firing your confetti cannons then please get in touch, we are always happy to help. We would also love to see how you get on, please post on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter #Confettimaster.